A Guide to Buying Security Cameras

CCTV cameras have become a household name in today’s modern life unlike in the first decade when CCTV cameras were something for the few. Not to say that every home has security cameras installed but compared to previous years, there is increased uptake of this security tech. Looking at the features of security cameras without the help of an expert can be intimidating, but you can’t go seeking help from the dealers and consultants, you are wasting your valuable time because their language is too commercial. Before security camera installation Brisbane, consider the following points:


Considerations When Shopping For a Security Camera

Inbuilt, card slot or external storage: Modern security cameras come with internal SD cards and with room for expansion. Traditional cameras use external hard disks placed somewhere safe within the premises, while inbuilt are CCTV cameras on their own. They can start recording immediately when the connectivity is done.

Pan/tilt of the camera: Modern cameras can rotate and the maximum a camera can rotate horizontally is the pan while the maximum the camera rotates vertically is the tilt, all these are geared towards increasing the coverage area. Other cameras can rotate via apps remotely. Cameras with a higher tilt or pan can survey a larger area. So when shopping for security cameras to install in your home or business premises, choose cameras with larger pan and tilt.

Resolution: images recorded by security cameras should be of quality. The greater the resolution of a security camera the finer the images you will see on the recordings. And the higher the resolution, the higher the storage space required. If you have terabytes of storage space in your DVR, it is recommended you buy cameras with higher resolution and vice versa. Smart cameras with inbuilt storage memory will fill up easily but some have to overwrite capabilities where older images are erased to give room for recording current happenings.

Motion or audio sensor: Smart security cameras have these features, where a camera gives signals to the owners whenever the sensor hears the audio noise or movements within the premises. They are not yet popular today but trust me, that is the direction we are headed in. If you are well off and would want top-notch security systems, you can invest in smart cameras with motion and audio detectors to be alerted whenever unusual things happen within the business premises or home.

Installation and setup: Wireless security cameras are easy to install and set up, while other types of CCTV require cabling from the camera to the DVR. cameras with a wide range of pan and tilt are easy to install since positioning is not a big issue.

Other features: The latest cameras have features that allow you to chat with family remotely. They have a 2-way microphone for communication.

Waterproof and protection from water: If you are installing CCTV cameras, look for areas that are protected or waterproof.

Accessories: Check the details and contents that come with the CCTV. they must include installation gears, nuts, and screws that will help fasten cameras in place.

Infra-red lights: Infra-red lights in CCTV cameras help in night vision and the higher the number of infra-led the better the night vision.

Indoor or outdoor: Consider the location of cameras before buying, if you will install them outdoor, try the waterproof options and vice versa.


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