The Advantages of Having a Water Cooler

Water coolers have evolved from the current innovation purchased by many professionals for their offices to typical convenience at the workplace. With the summer warming up, many workplaces may be considering purchasing a water cooler only to keep their employees hydrated and achieve high production levels.


Ten Advantages of having a water cooler

  1. Water from a water cooler is purer and hence more appealing. It doesn’t have to undergo extensive chemical treatment. Tap water, for instance, must go through several chemical treatments to get rid of contaminants copper and lead, which can be dangerous if ingested.


  1. Water coolers are no longer as bulky. Several water dispenser manufacturers have improved on the basic design, making it stick out like a sore thumb in the office. The water dispenser, on the other hand, has a considerably more streamlined design. So, if you run a high-end office and are concerned about buying an unappealing water cooler, don’t be. Water coolers are now fashionable.


  1. Drinking water reduces the risk of illness. It’s a well-known fact that every office will have employees who become unwell. However, studies have shown that those who drink more water are less likely to become ill than those who don’t. It is considered that drinking eight glasses of water every day will help avoid urinary tract illness and possibly arthritis later on in life. This could be avoided with the use of a water dispenser.


  1. Water hydrates. Hydration equals a more effective workforce. It has been proved that a lack of hydration causes the body to be less effective. It can result in a drop in physical and mental performance. A water dispenser can be the perfect remedy to a drop in office effectiveness and functionality during those long summer days.


  1. Water is healthy for expectant women: Even during summer, many expectant women will be working in a hot office atmosphere. They must keep hydrated. Dehydration can cause contractions and early labour, both of which are quite risky. This could be avoided with the use of a water dispenser that provides fresh water.


  1. Water dispensers are simple to replace: If a water dispenser that uses bottled water breaks down, it can be quickly changed. A tap, on the other hand, could necessitate extensive plumbing upkeep, which, let’s admit it, is an unnecessary annoyance in a busy workplace.


  1. Water coolers are environmentally friendly: Over time, several water dispenser manufacturers have improved their environmental practices. This means they aren’t using fertilizers or pesticides on the land where the water comes from, which can only be a good thing.


  1. A water cooler could persuade employees to avoid soft drinks: Water is unquestionably superior to soft drinks, which is the drink of choice for many in the office. The soft drink is high in sugar, and while it provides a quick rush of energy, it lacks the long-term advantages that water does. Get water coolers for your Brisbane office for your employees’ comfort.


  1. Make sure your employees are healthy in the long run: It’s been proven that people who drink eight or more glasses of water every day are less likely to have a heart attack or develop heart disease. Is there a compelling reason to forego a water dispenser? No, we don’t believe so.


  1. Water helps to keep the body temperature in check: Water governs the body’s cooling system, so installing a water cooler for those long, hot summer months could make your staff more comfortable. A happy worker is essential.



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